Pitt Narduzzi Press Conference: News and Notes


Narduzzi Press Conference:

“Another rough weekend at the office.” is how Coach Narduzzi described it.   “We win and lose as a team, Starts with me.” coach stated.  “It’s fundamentals, and we have to do better as players and coaches.”

A lot of good things though, we ran the ball for over 250 yards.  We stopped the run for most of the game, except at the end.

Coach Narduzzi was asked if he was going to give back up quarterback Kenny Picket time this week. After some good natured ribbing to the press, here is what he had to say.

we’ve got to have patience with who our guys are. You guys were fast to pull the trigger and you said, get Max out of there and put Ben in there and now you’re fast to put the next guy in. If you treated them like that, we’d be in trouble.”

Another question about the QB Position:

Kenny has been playing and practicing with that first group for a month now. Has it been a case of regression or has it been maybe the more eyeballs you get the more things you notice?

“No, Kenny has done a great job. We’ve still got a lot of faith in him. It’s more things weren’t going bad. You’ve got two wins. You’ve got two wins and things are going good and all of a sudden you should have a third win. You’re running the ball pretty good. You’re stopping it, and all of a sudden now everybody wants to jump ship on the guy. If we make a change, you’re going to be — I think even when we made the change before, you guys are like, what are you making a change for, things were going good, and it’s like you’re doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t. It’s a feel thing by Coach Watson, the offensive staff, myself, and we’ll play it by ear.“

Coach Narduzzi was also asked about the stability of the QB position  since 2013, which predated him.

“It was a problem when I got here, period. If you remember we had Chad Voytik and — golly, we had one other big tall quarterback, Bertke, kind of reminded me a little bit of you, big dude, got a great arm. We had two guys on scholarship when I got here, so there was a need. We don’t want to have to take another grad transfer quarterback, but if we have to, we’re going to take the best available, but we’re going to do what’s best for this program going forward. You know, I don’t know what happened prior to me. I just know when we got here, we had two scholarship quarterbacks, and we had Ben coming in. We just had — we were a lot of youth at quarterback. We’ve got to slowly build that. You look at where we are now, without Max being out there playing, you’ve got a redshirt sophomore, you’ve got a freshman, and then we’re going to have in the spring, we’ll have a redshirt sophomore, a redshirt freshman, and we’ll have a true freshman. There’s not a whole lot of depth there. We need to build it slowly.”

As for injuries, he did talk about Avonte Maddox and how hard it was for Damar Hamlin back there without Maddox.  I think he wanted to see more out of Damar from his response to the questions.   He also said he should not have said probable for Maddox to play.  He said if he had to play, he could have but he did not want to get him hurt.  He said he expects him to be ready for this week.

He talked later talked about Virginia Tech and broke them down a bit.  As whole though, this press conference served one purpose and kudos for Coach Narduzzi for taking the hard questions head on.  He got some today, many of which people have been asking on social media all season long.   Many though, that were tip toed around in the press conferences on Mondays.









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