A Small Nugget From Mike Krzyzewski Post Game Press Conference

Coach K is always gracious in victory and in defeat.  Tonight was once again no different as he spoke about the decisive win over Pitt.  The very first question out of the gate from a local reporter to Coach K Turned up a small nugget that struck me. Mike Krzyzewski was asked “what did you tell the Pitt players when you were walking through the lineup after the win.”  His answer was priceless.

Coach K, I think was a bit surprised by the question and answered it initially as so…  with “good game, you know stuff like that.” It was just a simple and harmless question that he could have let be right there.  But he chose to expand upon his answer.  His next words were perfect. “They’re good kids. I like all the kids we play against.  I think they don’t derserve a blow by. The way I was brought up, you shake hands and look someone in the eye.  Win or lose.  I think it is something my Mom, who was born near Uniontown instilled in me.”

Off the cuff, sounds like just really good advice.  And as a whole, Sounds benign enough.  But I think there was a little more to it.

I am in no way insinuating that he was stirring anything or taking a shot at anyone. Nor do I think he meant it how I took it.(maybe). What I do think though, is that Pitt was led by a Coach that I would consider to be “King of the blow by.” Jamie Dixon!

This video above, actually has Former Pitt Coach taking more than his typical blow by after his teamed was beaten soundly by Duke. To say Jamie would hurry  through the hand shake line way too fast would be an understatement.  It became something he was known for.

This is not to say Jamie isn’t a good guy or a successful basketball coach.  But when you hear more of the Coach K.Press conference, he talks in detail about building “The Program” and how they (Duke) are able to get great players.  He said, not that Pitt can’t get players like Marvin Bagley III, but “we can because we have them already.”

That in fact could be the difference between being a good coach, and being a legend with A Legendary Program. It is not just class he possesses, I promise, it’s much more than that.

Coach K's Presser

Posted by Sports Monger Blogs on Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Regardless  how much you like or dislike Coach K. or his teams, he absolutely knows how to handle himself in every situation and he does so with class nearly everytime.  Even when handing out what could be a dig.

As I said in the beginning, I am not convinced it was a legit shot at Pitt’s former Head Coach. I am not sure many others caught what was said in that exchange, but it popped in my mind as soon as he said it.  He could have stopped with his initial message and blew it off, but he saw a moment to expand and took it.

Regardless what he said, make no mistakes when Speaking about Jamie Dixon, he had very poor bedside manner with regards to how he handled his praise of other players from other teams and the hand shake line. He was never derogatory, but it was always more about him and his guys.

In the end It was in fact just a handshake, but Coach K.  Proves you can take a lot away from something that can be percieved as so small.




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