But Can She Write About Football?

I’m Susan, a West Virginia University alumna with an overall love of sports brought on from the early days of attending the local high school football games as a sleeping baby.  Football was big where we lived.  When we went to playoffs, the entire county went.  There were literally signs on the way out of town that said, “Last one out, turn off the lights”.  I saw my first Mountaineer game at age 7.  I have been lucky enough to be in attendance to some amazing college football – when WVU beat Penn State in 1984, when they played Ohio State in 1998 – only one of 6 times they have ever played… I have watched amazing players and thanks to the changes in conferences, some really great opposing teams.

Now that I live out of the great state of West Virginia, I find that the Big 12 has been a blessing for me.  The Mountaineers are on television ALL THE TIME.  Trust me, as a fan, this is not something I could say before.  That darn Notre Dame always seemed to get top billing.  It is a known rule to my friends that if the game is on, I will NOT answer the phone.  The rule extends even further with the fellow WVU fans in the family – NO texting either! I am not too proud to admit that I even have a call in number to listen to the games through my phone while traveling.  Yes, people really do that!

Aside from completely alienating my family on Saturdays and sometimes Thursdays for a few hours, I am a wife of 15 years and mom of 2 great kids – ages 8 & 5.  I write a personal blog, design the school’s PTA website, am typically in training for a 1/2 marathon somewhere, and forever planning my next trip.  Whew!  Good thing I got that engineering degree LOL.  Both kids will be in school this year, so when SportsMonger was looking for more writers, I thought why not?  Plus, I may know a person or two in the powers-that-be there :).  The nice thing for them and me, is that I have a vested interest in the other Big 12 teams.  So writing Big 12 is a no-brainer.  Can I be fair?  Of course, as long as you aren’t playing the Mountaineers.  Just kidding, just kidding.  I sadly see our faults along with our strengths, so I will let you know what I think either way.  But in the meantime:

Let’s Go… Mountaineers!

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