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Paterno Story Not Nearly Dead, New Documents And Names With Knowledge

Franco Harris, among others continue to fight for Joe Paterno’s legacy.  The University wants desperately to move on but its public figures like Harris that keeps the story going.  And when an ugly story stays in the news, one has to be prepared for even more fall out.  At some point, the fans and supporters need to move on because of the horror stories that still could be unearthed.

According to court documents released by a Philadelphia court from the 2014 case, a man testified that Joe Paterno ignored his plee of sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky.  The boy was 14 years old in 1976 and stated that Sandusky did some very ugly things to him.   The documents also state that not only did Joe know as early as 1976, four of his assistants had knowledge of Sandusky’s inappropriate acts prior to 1998.

It was released today that  Tom Bradley was told by former assistant Mike McQueary.  McQueary then said that Bradley not only had knowledge of prior acts, he said that another assistant came to him in during the 80’s and gave a similar story.  That other assistant, Greg Schiano.

Both Schiano and Bradley are coordinators in College football at UCLA and Ohio State respectively. Both released statements that had no knowledge of such events.

The fact is, it will be very difficult to prove any of this, but there is entirely too much smoke here for anyone to convince me otherwise.  With that said, the University was punished and the assistants are all other places or not coaching anymore.  What truly needs to happen is those that support Paterno need to drop everything they are trying to do with regards to his legacy.   There should be no statues of him on the campus.  They do not need to forget him and all the good he accomplished, they just need move on.   The more his name is brought up, the more information  could come out and further damage his legacy.

The boy that stated that when he confronted Paterno, Joe said “I don’t want to hear about any of that kind of stuff, I have a football season to worry about?” The boy said he was “Shocked, disappointed, offended.”   Once again, no way to prove any of this, and as long as Bradley and Schiano roll with the company line, nothing more will come of this.

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