Narduzzi Press Conference, Nova Recap to Penn St. Prep

Coach Pat Narduzzi started things off by reminding the media that this is the week WE have all been waiting for.  Well, I hate to break it to him, but I think his players were looking forward to this weeks game also.

He also gave special mention to Tyler Boyd, Nick Grigsby, and Lafayette Pitts who all made final NFL Rosters for this upcoming season.   He said he was texting with all of them, which is nice to hear.

Coach Narduzzi also said that he will be the only voice this week.  Not a surprise as he wants his players to be focused and prepared.

As for recap of last weeks game, he mentioned that the team was locked in but they just did not execute the way they hoped.

“To be honest with you, we were locked in. We just didn’t execute like we would like to. When you walk out of meetings you always ask your guys, ‘How was it?’ And our guys were really locked in. It was quiet, which is good. Sometimes if they are clowning around or having different conversations, you maybe don’t have that focus. They were locked in and we played hard last week. If you watched us we were flying around offensively and defensively, we just didn’t execute early on.   He also was asked about the inability to run the ball.”

Coach Narduzzi was asked about the overall inability to run the ball.   And I think we heard a lot of what we thought we would.

“They packed a lot of guys in the box. We don’t really care if you pack them in the box, we still want to be able to run the ball on you. It’s just a matter of execution. It may have been first-game jitters. That was the opener; this is the second game. We’ll make improvements from week one to week two. I have confidence in that.”

Coach also addressed the headset issue from this past week.  And asked everyone to pitch in to find out if a rat is chewing on the chords.

“All of the headsets are our responsibility. We purchase them ourselves; they aren’t purchased by the ACC. There is a loose wire somewhere under the stadium. We need to find that loose wire. Maybe if you guys have extra time this week, you can go down and help out. I’d appreciate it. There might be a rat that’s chewing on a wire somewhere.”

On if players will no longer be available to the media in future weeks as well:

“No. I love you guys. I want to keep it open. That’s kind of how it’s been for a year-and-a-half and I want to continue to do that. I just don’t want any distractions this week. When my players come off the field, I would rather they go right into the film room and watch that practice than have to spend three minutes (doing interviews). If it’s three minutes, it might be an important three minutes that they miss. It’s a game of inches and those might be the inches that we miss.”

He was faced with a barrage of questions about the rivalry and I am fairly certain he can only answer those questions once he has played in a game.   The Panthers roster is stacked with Western Pa talent and the Penn State Roster has 9 players.  The fans remember this rivalry but because both schools have put the money, recruiting, and pride at the forefront, an entire generation of fans did not get to enjoy what was one of the College Football’s best rivalries.

He was also asked if he was in touch with Coach Franklin and he decided to have a little fun with it.

“No. We don’t vacation together. We don’t do that. Again, they aren’t in our conference so we haven’t seen them. I’m in communication with other ACC coaches. I’m lucky I’m in touch with my wife (during football season). I don’t have time for anybody else.”


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