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There were lots of headlines on Sunday other than the dabacle in Pittsburgh.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers are 10-4 and rolling.  The owner is being forced to sell the team because of brewing scandal of his own doing.

Packers: So Aaron Rogers came back to save the day on Sunday and nearly did it.  He threw 3 touchdowns and nearly brought the team all the way back, but his 3 interceptions turned out to be too much to overcome.  Here is Coach McCarthy after the game.

Jacksonville Jags: Remember when everyone said how bad Blake Bortles was and how he is just not an NFL Quarterback.   Well, don’t look now but remember the guy that threw for 326 yards and 3 touchdowns against a Texans team that admittedly is out of it.  With that said, this is a guy that has thrown for over 4k yards once, just under 4k yards and this year he is going to throw for over three but this team is averaging 150 rushing yards per game.  And of course, then there is this.

Rams:  Well, all they do is win big… and have a great defense.  Todd Gurley runs over people in a not so girly way.   Gurley ran for 152 yards on just 21 carries.  He has nearly 1300 rushing yards on the season with 2 more games and is averaging 4.6 yards a carry.  That is an impressive stat.  The NFC has some real muscle and that includes this Rams Team.

Vikings:  Minnesota laid some wood on the Bungals of Cinncinati on Sunday.  The Bengals are working hard to send their coach out, what I would suspect his final season in Cincy, in class.  Full effort by all was plain to see.  The Vikings clinched the division and because of that defense, will be a problem for most comers in the post season.  They are led on offense by a guy most teams had figured was a backup at best.  Well Case Keenum is changing minds in a hurry.

Well, why not round out this post with some fun from that Pittsburgh Patriots game.  A game in which Steeler fans will remember for a long time for all the wrong reasons.  This is how the Referee saw the called back touchdown.

Then there are all of these.

And finally the actual rule.


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