Panthers Upgrade With Randy Bates Hire

The search went largely under the radar, but when it was announced it dripped with potential and positivity.  Pitt went out and grabbed one of the best recruiters out there is Randy Bates.

Randy Bates was the linebacker’s coach for Northwestern and had developed some good linebackers.  Prior to Northwestern, he was the defensive coordinator for Louisiana Tech.

Although this is his first Defensive Coordinator job for a power five conference, this is obviously not his first rodeo in a power five.  His coaching goes back for 36 years and his collegiate playing career was at THE OHIO STATE.  So  as you can see, just another ohio connection for Coach Pat Narduzzi.

Bates is also the first of Pat Fitzgerald’s coaching staff to leave for a big time job.

This hire comes on the heels of the talk that Renaldo Hill was retained after he was being pursued.  These are both substantial moves for Coach Narduzzi and all part of him signing his new deal that allowed him to add staff and pay his own staff more in order to keep the good ones around.

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