Rege Ryan says: Pens Will Respond in Second Half of Season, Trust Me

Post by Rege Ryan

This is a Conversation at Any bar or sports den in the greater Pittsburgh Area………………..

I’m telling you, Jim Rutherford let this team down in the off season big time. Hunwick? PLEASE! Dude’s a bum; traded for that piece of crap Sheehan too. He ain’t no Nick Bonino. Old man river is losing his touch. He’s the reason this team is stinking.

Need to go get that 3rd line center. I’ve been saying for months- 3rd – line – center. Never should have entered the season like this. We need to go get Cullen; never should have let him go. Or let’s bring back Staal. Make Carolina pick up salary and make it happen. Center drive is what makes this team go anybody that watches the Pens knows that.

Murray man. He sucks. Never should have let Flower go. We went with the wrong goalie. If we only had Fleury we wouldn’t be in this situation. We underestimated what his leadership meant to this locker room. He’s the glue that holds everything together. Murray just isn’t a leader.

Trade Letang-that’s what we need to do. I know he’s still hurt that’s why he’s sucking. Dude’s lost a step with all the injuries. He’s toast- believe me I’ve watched a lot of hockey and I know when a guy has lost it. Let’s trade him for Max Pacioretty and have them take Carl Hagelin off us too. Letang needs to Go. HE Needs to go!

I can’t believe that anyone in the front office is not hitting the panic button? What team is Mario watching? Is he even serious about trying to win a third cup in a row? It’s inexcusable he hasn’t demanded Jim Rutherford make moves. Mario needs to start taking a more hands on approach to running this team.

Penguins fans need to breathe easy and take step back from the ledge. It’s going to be ok. Trust me. So far 2017-18 has not been that magical march to a three-peat so many fans envisioned. Is there cause for concern? Of course. I just feel a more relaxed approach is needed from these large swathes of the fanbase. Just like in any real life situation, when panicked, rational thinking seems to leap out the window. The overreactions to this season so far have been delusional and bordered on  crazy.

There are many factors in play on why the Penguins fan base is coming unglued. First many of the fans are still distracted by The Pittsburgh Steelers and are incapable of actually breaking down what this team’s actual needs and concerns are. It’s no secret that for many Pens fans,  their season doesn’t start until the Steelers season is officially over. When you don’t have any idea of what really is going on, you are going to make grand proclamations like “Trade Letang!” Many of these fans are a very vocal and are making the situation look worse than it actually is.

The short-term memory of many fans is betraying them. It’s like they already forget two of the last three Stanley Cups won it took a Head Coach being fired to light a fire under the team and even during last season the team was underachieving in many ways before they caught fire for the playoff run. We have been down this road before. Now is no time to over react. I’m clueless to why the reaction to this season is so over the top.

Lastly, just have some faith in your guys. I get it. We want a third cup in row. So do they. Questioning the Penguins desire and the front office’s intelligence is something a Flyers or Capitals fan would do. I’ve been telling hockey friends for months. Wake me when the calendar turns to February. Tell me how many games back of a playoff spot they are.  Are Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Letang and Murray healthy? What is the status of the other top teams in the east? This is really all that matters.

The biggest thing to make this three-peat happen is health, bottom line. That is all that matters to me. Scrape into the playoffs as the 8th seed wild card. That’s fine by me. Actually, it would be fun to see the top teams in the East Conference shit their pants having to play the Penguins in the first round. This team is so experienced they know the Stanley Cup playoffs are a true “second” season. You have to trust the process. This third cup in a row is a unique mission in NHL hockey. We need to stop acting like there is some blue on how to prepare. The Penguins are chasing history and likely could give this us a fantastic playoff ride.  I believe history has earned them the benefit of the doubt.

I still have faith there is a push left in the team. There are probably some minor deals to be made that will tweak this roster but I really don’t see something huge coming. Remember,  the bye week cannot come at a better time to gear up for the second half of the season. We need to wipe the slate clean of our negativity January 12th.

Rather than criticize this team and front office we just need to understand sometimes the answer is easy. The stars need to play up to potential, solid goaltending, and the call ups (Simon, Sprong, Aston Reese) need to bring the fresh legs and balance to this lineup. We need to be done over analyzing and let this season play out. Relax it’s going to be ok.



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