Pirates: Yinzer Knee Jerk Reaction Volume 1

I plan to do these once a week.   With that said, it is fitting to kick off this series after the opening game.  And what a game it was.  Actually, astheically speaking it was nothing but pure ugly riddled with bad pitching, poor defense, and questionable managerial decisions.  The Pirates prevailed in 13 innings 13-10.  So let’s look at some knee jerk reactions that I saw… and even thought throughout the game.

1) Clint Hurdle still does not know how to handle a pitching staff.  Rivero should never be brought in when he has a lead of 4 or more.  If it is not a save situation… it needs to not happen.  It’s a different mind set and I don’t think Hurdle gets it.  Matter in fact, he has made this mistake with every closer he has had in Pittsburgh.   He just does not get it.

2) The 6 mound visit rule did nothing to speed this game up.  I don’t think in general it fixes anything.  What it does that is negative is handicap a team with a young and or struggling pitching staff.

3) Colin Moran has no range at 3rd.

4) Michael Feliz…. Send him down and bring up a another.

5) Ivan Nova had a very March Outing, and it my opinion it turned out okay.

6) Polanco Looks Different at the Plate

7) Adam Frazier needs to be in the lineup as often as possible.  He is the only lead off hitter they have.

8) Marte needs to not bat 5th.  I would move him to the two hole.

9) Josh Harrison needs to bat 5th or 6th.  He walked twice in a game for just the second time in his career.  He is too much of a “put the ball in play” kind of hitter.

10) Cervelli looked good… but tell me those that watched the game did not gasp when he fouled that pitch off and his hand hurt.

11) Pirates have too many guys in the bull pen that are question marks… and can’t throw strikes.

12) Steven Brault looked good in long relief.

13) Pirates are going to win 162 games…. or not.

I hope you enjoyed…. Can’t wait to continue over reacting to every little thing the Pirates Do.


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