Pirates: Yinzer Knee Jerk Reaction Volume 2

We are through our first full week of games and the Pirates are currently 5-1 just as we all predicted. Sarcastically speaking of course.   But that is in fact where they are  so lets put together our weekly list of thoughts, suggestions, and over reactions with regards to the Pirates.

  1. Pirates will finish the season 161-1.  What a year they will have.   Okay… maybe not.
  2. This bullpen in the worst in baseball and frankly it’s not close.   To say they have holes would be an understatement.
  3. Corey Dickerson is settling in slowly with the bat, and is average at best as a fielder.
  4. After a great first game at the plate, Francisco Cervelli has turned back to the same abysmal hitter he was last season.
  5. Bell and Polanco continue to hit and drive in runs.  IF this team is going to go anywhere this season, these two need to do this all season long.
  6. Ivan Nova’s last outing can be blamed on his Manager.  He carried a 3-2 lead into the top of the 6th, there was a windchill in the 20’s and super windy.   He sat on the bench for about 25 minutes as hit team batted in the bottom of the fifth. Hurdle should have pulled him.
  7. Josh Harrison is all business thus far this season with a batting average over .300.
  8. I really would like to not bring this up,(don’t want to jinx it) but so far this season Tyler Glasnow is pitching well in long relief out of the pen.
  9. Trevor Williams and Jameson Taillon are both very good pitchers and are the Pirates 2 best by far.
  10. Major League Baseball’s insistance on having all these teams start at home at the start of the season is idiotic.   The Pirates have played through snow twice thus far and they have played through 30 degree temperatures in every game.The Pirates were going to struggle with attendance anyways, let them play all these games in 30 degree weather hurts even more.

See you next week, Can’t wait to see if the Pirates are able to continue this play or fall back some.  Or have to write about a week of snow and or Rain outs.  Oh by the way, its supposed to rain and be cold later today.   What a mess!

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