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Pitt Panthers Weekly is sponsored by The Arsenal Cider House. With three locations and many flavors to choose from, the Arsenal Cider house is the First and Best Choice.

This weeks Pitt Panthers Weekly covered all things Pitt Mens Basketball.  We reviewed the ACC Opener with Miami, the nonconference along with the player improvement and stand outs early on this season.

As I have stated all along, this season is all about the journey and benchmarking.  Young Teams are not unlike children or adults starting new careers… it’s all about Benchmarks.

Early on a team has to learn how to play together.  Then learn how to win.  That includes first win against teams they should beat.  Then beat a team or two they should not beat. While all along, becoming more consistent with regards to play and improvement.

I discussed the early season fanbase issues with regards to negativity either socially or vocally.

We then looked ahead to the next two road games against Louisville and Virginia Tech.  I was able to talk about all this and more on this weeks Pitt Panthers Weekly.

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