Pittsburgh Pirates: Early 2018 MLB Power Rankings Roundup

For the fans and the media, the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 start has surprised many in a right way. It brings the spotlight back on the team in the early going. The Major League Baseball Power Rankings across the web are reflecting the surge of the Boys from the North Shore. Here is a roundup of how people are viewing the Pirates right now.

Joe Karbousky at looks around the MLB landscape and logs the Pirates in at No. 4 and warns the rest of baseball not to sleep on this group of marauders.

Bleacher Report’s Joel Reuter has the crew of the Jolly Roger moving up two notches to 24th overall with their sweep of the Tigers in Detroit on the opening weekend of the season.

From, the quartet of David Schoenfield, Eric Karabell, Tim Kurkjian, Bradford Doolittle and Sarah Langs opted to register Pittsburgh at 21 in their opening power rankings. They see as the key the comeback of Starling Marte as central to the Pirates success.

After not having the Buccos rated at the end of March, Alyson Footer of puts Clint Hurdle’s squad at No. 20 this week. It would seem everyone has taken notice of the Pirates quick start.

The balls and strikes counters at lists Pittsburgh at No. 14 which is up three slots. If they raise the Jolly Roger a few more times in April, they could crack the Top Ten.

Stan Charles of has the full winds in the Pirates sails as he moved the team up to No. 20 from 27 after getting through the bad weather and the Tigers in the City of Motown.’s Drew Silva likes how Gregory Polanco’s off-season workouts contributed to a 5-for-12 start with three doubles, one home run, six RBI, and one stolen base. Silva records Pittsburgh at 17, up seven from last week’s 24 spot.

Ryan Fagan at the positions the Pirates at No. 19. He reminds Bucco fans you make it to the playoffs by beating the teams you are supposed to defeat. He joins the chorus of being impressed with the team’s 4-0 start to the season.

You have been to the ballpark or watched the Pirates on television for the first four match-ups to begin the 2018 campaign. Should they be higher up in the various power rankings across the internet or do the experts have Pittsburgh where they should be? The comments section below awaits your thoughts.

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