Schlagger’s Slant, Week in Review

Week 4 DK Cash Lineup Review

Every Monday or Tuesday, I will be documenting my cash game lineup for NFL on Draftkings.  I will discuss how I constructed my lineup.  I will post whether I win or lose and will also document profit or loss.

I had another great week on DK in week 4.  I made a couple lineup decisions late Sunday morning and they turned out to be a huge benefit for me.  I will discuss my lineup roster construction below:


Guys I Had To Have:


Melvin Gordon- I touched on Melvin’s situation in the SCHLAGGER Slant on Thursday but this was a near perfect situation for him.  He was going up against arguably the worst defense in the league at home in a game Vegas thought they were going to win.  This week he didn’t get many yards on the ground but he made up for it with his 6 receptions and 2 touchdowns.  I am sure his price is going to continually grow but now that he is playing almost every snap, he becomes a DFS play every time he has a good matchup.


Kirk Cousins- Week in and week out, I am beginning to believe more and more in paying down for a QB.  There seems to be quarterbacks weekly that are mid priced that seem to always be in good situations.  Cousins faced the Browns at home so the matchup couldn’t get much better.  I was surprised that he only threw for 183 yards.  I had him pegged for 250 yards and 2 TD’s.  He ended up throwing for 3 TD’s and a total of 18.32 DK points.  That certainly wasn’t great but it did not kill me and it allowed me to pay up for other positions on Sunday.


Terrelle Pryor Sr- If you watched the Browns/Redskins game on Sunday, you would think Pryor Sr is the next top WR in the NFL.  The coverage he received from the TV crew was insane.  I do not think we should be crowning him the next Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham just yet.  All week I said to myself I needed to have Pryor Sr but as the week kept going I started to talk myself off of him for many reasons.  The big reason was Josh Norman but his price was just too good not to roster.  I didn’t want to play Pryor Sr but I felt I had too because I was concerned he was going to be so highly owned and if he had a good game I would be lapped by the field in a cash game.


Any changes from Schlagger’s Slant will be discussed below:


Jordan Howard- I ended up rostering Jordan Howard over Carlos Hyde for a couple different reasons.  The first was he was $500 cheaper but the main reason was I liked Howard’s situation better the more I researched the week 4 slate.  I was a little worried the 49ers would get down in the game against the Cowboys which would obviously take away some carries from Hyde and he doesn’t always play on passing downs.  I was certain the Bears were going to play the Lions close and even if the game flow made the Bears pass, I knew Howard would play on 3rd down some.  All those things turned out to be true and Jordan Howard ended up being the better play on Sunday.


Zack Miller- I talked in great depth about Hunter Henry in the Slant last Thursday but I ultimately couldn’t roster Henry because I already had 2 Chargers in my lineup.  In cash games, it is very hard to roster three guys from the same team because if that team fails then your lineup is most likely doomed.  Zack Miller was the same price as Henry and he was in an equally great situation.  The Lions are ranked 31st against the tight end so that made me feel way better about using him over Henry.  Henry ended up scoring 4 more points on Sunday but I felt better about my lineup not rostering three Chargers.


Not Rostering DeAndre Hopkins- I could not be more happy I made this decision on Sunday.  I am still shocked that Nuk Hopkins only had one catch on Sunday.  I ended up rostering Antonio Brown over Hopkins which turned out to be over a 20 point swing.  Since I rostered Howard over Hyde and Cousins, it gave me enough salary room to roster Brown without having to sacrifice anything.  As I have said all year, I love rostering Brown because he has a 15 point floor every week.  It worked out to be the best decision I’ve made all year because if I roster Hopkins over Brown, I do not come out with a profit this week.


NFL DFS Results:


Week 1: 137.08 Points- $367 in Entry fees, $667 total winners for +$300 profit

Week 2: 127.72 Points- $324 in Entry Fees, $18 total winners for -306 in losses

Week 3: 163.44 Points- $304 in Entry fees, $594 total winners for +290 profit

Week 4: 155.52 Points- $349 in Entry Fees, $645 total winners for +296 profit


I am an avid Daily Fantasy player.  You can find me on Draftkings with user name: THESCHLAGGER.  I may use different players and strategies than what I recommended above.  Any questions, please email me at or follow me on twitter @asnod10.

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