“The Alliance” American Football League Has Ties To Pittsburgh

It was announced today that Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian are forming an 8 team league that will begin in the spring of 2019, right after the NFL SuperBowl.  It will also be tied to CBS and they will be broadcasting play.   The 8 Teams have not been announced as of yet, but Pittsburgh Ties are involved in the league.

Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward will both be involved in the league front office.  Polamalu will be overseeing player issues.

Franchises have not been announced as of yet, although that is expected to happen over the next 3 months.  Each team will field 50 players… giving more ex NFL’ers and former College  players that have not had a shot in the NFL a chance to get noticed.

Although it does not sound like this is a minor league football league, it sure sounds like it could be a feeder program for players  to continue their development and get that chance to play in the NFL.

The fact that Charlie Ebersol is also getting help from his father Dick Ebersol, the league has some real heavy hitters at the top.  Bill Polian is will over see the League Matters and is a terrific get.  USC’s John McCay Jr will also be involved.  This league sounds like they have a good and realistic plan in place, unlike the second XFL startup  by Vince McMahon.

CBSsports Network will broadcast a game a week and the CBS network itself will Broadcast both the opening game and the Championship.

As soon as teams are announced, we will try to get some news and information, including interviews from each one.  For more information, go to AAF.com.

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