Yajagoff Podcast 76 From Bark N’ at

This weeks episode was from Bark N’ at on the Clemente Bridge with Animal Friends.  Here is the description straight from Yajagoff.com.

Who has the power to shut down a bridge? Not us! But we rode the coat tails (and dog tails) of Animal Friends and hung out on the Roberto Clemente Bridge at their Bark n’At dog event which had a costume parade, dog games and a live band. Our guests, Jim Krenn & Shannon Tremblay of Animal Friends, international fashion/travel blogger Sydney Carver and John and Chrissie Knight all join us and answer our question of the week… “If you were a dog, what would you prefer: head scratch, belly rub or butt scratch?”

If I were to be so bold to answer this question, I would say a belly rub. Just a preference but only if someone tosses me a dog treat after… Just sayin.

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