Yajagoff Podcast, Pittsburgh Legends Mancini Bread and Rick Sebak

This Week John and his co host Rachel Carlson from Yelp, had on some Pittsburgh Legends including Rick Sebak.  Rick was promoting the Rick Starter/Kickstarter program he started to raise money for his next project. Go to RickStarter.org for more details.    Speaking of Pittsburgh Legends, Nick from the Mancini Bread Company was on the show also.

John had a visiting comedian from New Jersey, who is actually from New York… okay you listen and try to figure it out.  John Knight was on the show this week eating all the Mancini Bread and talking about why he is going to Hell.  If you know John, you know that could not possibly happen…. they would throw him “Auht”

All this and More from John and the gang of the Yajagoff Podcast.  Follow John Chamberlin, the Grand Master of Jagoffs on Twitter @Yajagoff.


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